Leonardo da Vinci

Flying machineLeonardo da Vinc was a gifted scientist, as well as a great artist.

To the left is a diagram of one of his flying machines which illustrates his beautiful artistic flair to even this technical rendering.  The small amount of writing showing on this drawing is possibly an example of his mirror-image cursive writing (also featured in the banner). It is fascinating that da Vinci was known for taking notes in mirror-image writing (right-to-left).

More can be found on his mirror-image cursive and other examples of da Vinci's connections to the sciences on the Biography page. In addition, I found a font which is similar in style to da Vinci's writing (P22 DaVinci). This is what was used for the links with their mirrored "rollover" image and for "Leonardo" in the banner. A hyperlink can be found on the Links page to the website where this free font can be downloaded.

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” ― Leonardo da Vinci